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Default Re: Are We Ready For Baltimore

Originally Posted by i82much View Post
Then leave. Living somewhere and dragging it down on a public forum is a perfect example of classless behavior. Oh, and unless you are from west PA, being a bandwagon fan is gay as fuck too.
In all due respect, this is a Pittsburgh Steelers forum. If you expect to see smiles and a little heart to dot the I, you're in the wrong place. We love the rivalry, and there are a few good and respectful Ravens fans, but for the most part they come this way to either start shit or dog on us. Coming in here and telling someone they're not fans if they don't live in Pennsylvania is completely bullshit and opinionated. I'm from Mansfield, Ohio, born and raised, and I was wearing Steelers pajamas on my way out of the hospital.

Go to whatever forum it is you regulate, and take a look at the memberlist. I GUARANTEE you'll find at least 10, maybe 20 Ravens fans from outside of Baltimore who've contributed MASS amounts of posts to your forum. Of course, your forum has to have a respectable amount of posts for this to mean anything, but you get the point. Your view on bandwagon fans is dumb. I like to think Steelers don't have "bandwagon" fans. There's simply a large group of people who "see" seven rings, and recognize a TRUE NFL franchise and stick with it. You know, common sense.

Don't give me shit about the difference between our two franchises, either. Sure, we've been around since the 30's, but here's what you seem to ignore: We won all of our rings in bunches, and with some of the best football teams to EVER step onto the football field. The 1970's Steelers and the Steelers of 2005 and 2008 solidified the Steelers and the greatest team in the Super Bowl Era. It's time for us to come together as a team yet again, and we'll win a few more in the near future. Your team on the other hand? Same excellent squad since the early days. Same BIG playmakers on defense. ONE Super Bowl. THAT is all I have to say. I'm not wasting any more time.

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