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Default Re: Mendenhall Will Start Sunday Night vs. Ravens

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
were they the best option last week ? were they in beast mode when they put up 77 whopping yds on 27 carries ? or could it be the guys doing the blocking sucked last week , so no matter who got the ball they were screwed ?
The problem is that we can never truly know what the outcome would have been with a different back.

But in my humble opinion, Redman does the best when there's nothing available, with Dwyer second. Mendenhall absolutely needs a hole because he's indecisive and unwilling to just get physical. He doesn't do very well until he has open space, but then he's great, especially when he holds onto the ball.

Unfortunately, our OL just isn't that good, although it's improving. Holes are hard to come by. There's also the possibility that Mendenhall could be our best receiving back, but that's pure speculation given his unfortunate injuries after Haley's arrival. And would he hold onto the ball?

For now, Mendenhall is our third back - at least in my book. I consider that #1 pick to be a bust. Expectations were a lot higher.

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