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Default Re: Rockets land in field outside Jerusalem as war looms over Gaza

Israel has engaged in its current, escalating military campaign not to protect Israelis from a militant Hamas, but in order to ensure that Hamas in Gaza remains militant.
Why? The answer is simple and twofold: a) Netanyahu's government wants a militant Hamas in Gaza; it wants a situation in which Gaza becomes isolated from the West Bank, hoping eventually Greater Israel will be obtained with Gaza becoming a separate entity, and b) with Israeli elections set for January, electoral motivations are undeniably in play with regard to this sudden military barrage.


To be sure, Israel will once again achieve many of its short-term tactical goals, assassinating a handful of Hamas leaders, leveling militant safe houses, and eliminating scores of Hamas military installations or weapon depots. And, in the end, Israel will be no safer, although it will surely be more alone in the world and living in a neighborhood that is less tolerant of its aggressive countermeasures.
Itís time to declare Israelís policy toward Gaza and Hamas a failure.
This is not an anti-Israel statement. Rather, it is an honest acknowledgment of the facts, which are simply too numerous to avoid.

Israel is, what, the 10th (or at least in the top 10) in military power, and they are drone bombing a country with NO real military, that shoots rockets at them because they are starving their people? Ummmm...yeah.

This is not an anti-semitic statement, and yes, Israel has the right to defend themselves from legitimate threats. But this is nothing more than political power play from Netenyahu. There's more to this than what you hear on FoxNews people.
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