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Default Re: Are We Ready For Baltimore

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
It's really none of your business where any of us live, dude. It was a fan of YOUR team that came in here talking his shit about the city of Pittsburgh, and that's probably where a majority of this little irrelevant argument comes from. It's completely unrelated to the football game Sunday, right? Is crime rate seriously an issue on a football field? Is Ray in attendance?

Oh, and one last thing. We're not the only team in the NFL with bandwagon fans, and honestly, I couldn't point one out if you asked me to look. Your little hissy fit about "cherry-picking" a team is best suited for a Patriots or Giants forum considering we haven't won the Super Bowl since 2008. There's Steelers fans all around the United States. We're the best traveling team in the NFL, and when band-wagon fans boost the latest Super Bowl winning team to the top, we're sitting right around the corner.
You know they could win like 20 straight super bowls and you'd have exactly jack shit to do with it, right?
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