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Default Re: Rockets land in field outside Jerusalem as war looms over Gaza

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
I don't understand how anyone can be pro Palestine. They've launched 12 000 rockets over the last 12 years at Israel. Suddenly, Palestine is bitching and complaining that Israel eventually had enough of their bullshit and fought back. Now, they're begging for a cease fire because Israel brought out their 'big guns'.

Palestine brought this on themselves. Now, you see signs like "Finish what Hitler started" and "A world without Israel = Peace". Ignoring the sheer ridiculousness and ignorance of praising Hitler in the middle east, Hamas' 'slogan' is "No recognition. No negotiations. No peace.". They're using women and children as human shields on the frontlines and you want us to feel sorry for them? Sorry, they're the definition of scum.

There is an argument to be made if Israel is being too aggressive, but I don't blame them. They have to put up with all this bullshit being apart of the middle east, but they're the only civilized country that respects human rights. I mean, people are supporting a country where it's legal to stone a woman to death after being raped and charged for adultery and hanging homosexuals for being homosexual.

Sorry, my sympathy for those in Palestine has run out. This better be the final straw to all countries in the region to stop fucking around with Israel and maybe we can start to build peace over there. But I doubt it.
I'm pro-peace. I'm not pro-Palestinian or pro-Israeli. And I wouldn't start waving numbers around when discussing this particular conflict if I were you. Every meaningful statistic... hell, every statistic meaningful or not - points to Israeli aggression, over-reaction, atrocity and war crimes. Mom suggested a few, but there are lots of others, easily obtainable from US or Israeli sources. You don't need to believe Swedish tree-huggers.
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