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Default Re: Big Bens Injury

Originally Posted by ChristianKustomz View Post
They still are just that...second best. Always second and never first like our Steelers.

Funny though...after 12 years I would be embarrassed to wear that disgusting ring. It's been 12 years. It's just a grusome reminder of what they lack in talent to ever get again.

So any predictions for today's game? Who thinks Big Ben is going to pull a Houdini and mysteriously start the game?

No I think he's really hurt this time.
So much hinges on how lefty handles him self
I am going to make an optimistic prediection of
steelers 20 ravens 16
I always predict a steelers win though
im trying to save my last percocet for the game
im thinking Im going to pop a klonopin and watch the pat v indy game and try to forget about the percocet I want to snort, damn I knew i should have bought 6 this morning instead of 5, but at 5 a piece thats 30 bucks, i needed to put gas in to, dang drug prices are ridiculous this time of year.
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