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Default Re: Official Fox News is BS thread

so how is the national "scandal" FOX News exposed of iran firing at one of our drones working out?

obama been impeached yet?

have we mobilized a groundforce for invasion like war hero mitt romeny woulda done (and FOX woulda endorsed w/ patriotic flags awaving)?

again... as loud as a snowmobile, doing surveilance from heights that they cant be seen, add in a bit of stealth technology to thwart any real missles, and some outdated russian pea shooters arent that big of a concern.

i think we've dumped 2 here in the dirt just so the sr. airmen and ssgs can practice landing (see photo).

theres big mystery surrounding these probably because their great kill ratio, and of images of them flying in Transformers movies at supersonic speeds, but if they were such a big deal, i dont think they would let me wipe them down with my rag. (supersonic propeller is located in the back)-

FOX News is a buch of propoganda pushing drama queens. its a shame cause their parent is such a great network.
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