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Default Position and Race?

This is in no way meant to be an offensive post. I want to first say I voted for Barrack Obama twice, and I do not make racial stereotypes these are just very obvious observations that everyone notices. Although it doesn't matter the recent injury to Big Ben and replacement by Bryon Leftwich and comparisons between rg3 and cam newton made me think about african american quarterbacks and how there are fewer by percentage at the quarterback and kicker position and more in the wide receiver and running back type positions. Even almost every african american quarterback is also known as a good rushing quarterback, especially while they are young (rg3 newton, mcnabb, vick) The best quarterbacks always seem to be white (brady,rogers,brees,manning,Ben) they on average tend to be more accurate passers and have longer careers. Also notice in baseball the extreme shortage of African American pitchers (dark skinned players with the last name "ruiz" 'soriano""rivera" are latino not african. C.C Sabathia I think is the only actual black pitcher.) Can everyone just admit that Blacks are faster and can jump better than whites and whites can throw and kick better than blacks IN GENERAL. (where are all the asian football players?) Keep it civil I really want some other perspectives on this.
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