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Default Re: Official Fox News is BS thread

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
Isn't O'Reilly and the likes opinion shows?

As far as Rove goes his an idiot and it's not the first time he's thrown a temper tantrum on national tv.

I think lefties hate it because their sole existence doesn't revolve around gobbling obaaamas nut sack.
The problem might be Fox actually expects viewers to believe it is "fair and balanced," which indicates Fox regards its viewers to be morons

It might be particularly subtle satire for O'Reilly to bitch in the screen shot above about "leftist" media outlets pushing ideology with the implication that is a bad thing while getting paid by a network that has pioneered the business model for making big $$$ by playing to what your viewers regard to be a matter of truth rather than a matter of opinion

Mad props to Roger Ailes for making huge $$$ but as far as the "News" part of "Fox News" some of us are not impressed

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