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Default Re: Official Fox News is BS thread

Originally Posted by cubanstogie View Post
exactly, like Chris Mathews. Nauseating how much he wants to blow Hussein. O'reilly at least has libs on to debate on every show. They usually get schooled by there conservative counterparts but at least the show is fair. Alan Colmes is the only bigger tool on TV than Mathews and his sister in law (monica crowley ) routinely sticks it to him. They always preach freedom of speech until its something they don't want to hear. Then the call it racism or sexism etc....If you are against gay marriage, guess what you suddenly hate them. If you think Hillary is in way over her head, you are sexist. They attack the only channel that sees things from a conservative side. Threatened is what they feel.
only old, angry, bitter republicans, who dont own a dog to kick watch MSNBC.

and who the hell watches chris matthews (besides you)? he is almost half as annoying as that sour twat hannity, which pretty much means he's the 2nd most annoying person in america.

and yes, i do sometimes watch hannity if if flipping through the channels ONLY because i wanna know how NOT to act and look if i wanna continue getting laid at any point in my life past the age of 45.
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