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Default Re: What Are They Smoking/Drinking In CT?

Originally Posted by Suitanim
Let me give you an example. When I played pee wee football, we were DESTROYED 49-0 by Akron East. We were just little kids (this was B team, meaning we were like 6-7 years old or something). I mean, it was a masacre. Everytime they got the ball, they ran a sweep, and they were just so much faster than us, they literally almost scored at will. It was a humiliating loss, and not just for me, but also for my dad, who was the HC.

Nobody patted us on the head and said it was okay and no coaches were suspended (and, let me tell you, they ABSOLUTELY ran the score up on was a racial thing, and the coaches and players parents were very vocal about it). We played those same kids every year for the next, I don't know, 5 years, and every year, we got a little better. When I was on the PW varsity team (12-13 years old I believe), we pitched a shutout 14-0 against those same kids. That was one of the sweetest victories I ever experienced, and me and my dad still talk about it on occasion 20-some years later. Why? Because we got our ases kicked, but we knew that we didn't measure up, so we had to work harder to get better...which we did.
That is a great story, revenge is always sweet
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