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Default Re: OFFICIAL baltimore gamegoat thread. Vent away!

Wallace drives me crazy.
That fumble turned this game downward. We had momentum and he gave it away.
Then instead of making up for it, he dogs it for most of the game.

Yeah, Lefty threw one at his feet and he could barely trouble himself to reach his hands down for it. Honestly, how many times do you see receivers drop to their Knees and cradle a low ball. Not Mike, he barely bent over, let alone come back a step for the ball. Guess he didn't want to get his nice throwback pants dirty.

He was pretty lazy on trying to get that 2nd foot down in the endzone. How many times do you see guys tip toe the line. He acted like he didn't even know where he was as he casually took a big step out of bounds.

Wallace was great his rookie year. He made hustle plays. Now he thinks he deserves the big deal, so he's giving us $2.7M effort instead of the $11M effort he thinks he should have gotten. They can have his ass. See ya Mike. Go get your money if anyone will still pay it. The drops and lack of effort have made me sick.
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