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Default Re: OFFICIAL baltimore gamegoat thread. Vent away!

Wow. I understand frustration, but blaming Leftwich is beyond stupid. Top to bottom, the offense didn't play well. Leftwich's throws were off, yes, but that's a result of getting hit far too often which can be credited to the fact Heath wasn't put in to help Adams on the right side. Kruger worked Adams all night and Haley didn't make the correct adjustments. The offensive line - save for Pouncey - looked pretty bad. Mike Adams isn't capable of taking guys one on one, and Colon wasn't playing with any intensity it seemed. Mendenhall wasn't playing with any explosiveness and was a non-factor.

The defense was a completely different story. They looked good - and by good, I mean 2008 good. Flacco looked like a high school quarterback that didn't know his ass from his elbow and constantly made poor throws. Once again, Mundy fucked up and dropped what should have been a sure interception. Timmons was making plays all night, and Woodley showed explosiveness off the edge. In reality, the Steelers' D held the Ravens to 6 points. 6 points. Taylor completely and utterly shut down Smith all game and made him a non-factor. Lewis let a couple of throws connect, but for the most part, had a decent enough game. Hampton looked like a force on most plays against that Ravens OLine and Keisel had a good enough game. Heyward, though, was thoroughly impressive. He generated pressure on almost every snap which resulted in poor throw after poor throw from Flacco. The defense looked stout.

Regarding Leftwich - even with a weak arm he can still throw it farther down the field and Batch can. Clamoring for Batch to come in is easily the stupidest thing I've ever heard. He's long, long passed his prime and is a waste of 500 000 on the cap right now. I don't understand the love for Charlie - he's never been talented and with the leadership we have on this team, it's insane he's still on the roster. Leftwich made a couple of throws that were right on the money and ended up being big gains. If Cotchery hangs on to the ball, despite being hit by Pollard, the game ends up differently.

There's nothing wrong with Wallace's attitude - he wasn't targeted all game. In fact, when he was, it resulted in a 40+ yard penalty because they couldn't run with him. Despite the success on the first play of the game they never went back to him on the deep ball. Instead, they insisted on short throws which Leftwich couldn't hit. The run game was ineffective early on and ended up being the bane of this offense. The lack of a run game threw play action out the window and the offense became one-dimensional.

I understand the frustration, but it's misplaced. The playcalling was suspect and the OLine played poorly. The defense played like a top 3 unit in this league and ultimately, special teams ended up being the difference. The Ravens look beatable and weak on offense when paired against a capable defense.
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