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I think the Ravens have 3 more losses this season. Problem is we likely have more than 1 loss left too. Ravens will finish 11-5 and we'll be a wildcard at 10-6 or 9-7.
Real problem is if Ben comes back does he pick up where he left off or is he a little shaky the rest of the year.
The D is playing like a champion, because the Ravens O is no joke. With all the 3 and outs our O had tonight, the D was fantastic to hold the Ravens without a TD. Ravens had tons of opportunities and couldn't do shit. Their O actually looked worse than ours. At least we could run the ball. They couldn't do either.
Our D is much better right now and a our O is probably as good with Ben, but will it be too late when we get him back.
I'd love to go to Baltimore for a playoff game with Ben and send them out of the playoffs for the 4th time.
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