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Default Re: OFFICIAL baltimore gamegoat thread. Vent away!

A lot of hate going toward Lefty tonight. I think, with only a week a practice with the first unit he did a stellar job. I also thought the Oline did well. the gave him plenty of time to throw almost the entire nite.
Defense was Stellar. Played Lights out.
Wallace...hmmm his fumble cost us big. He definitely isn't worth more than he is paid now. But idk if i'd get rid of him. We just need to use his speed more. Put him on more go routes and let him run by everyone. We did it on the first play tonight then never again! WTF?
Special teams...what can you say. Its been a weak spot for years and years. And it cost us this one. Its the only TD the Ratbirds had.
Coaching is the biggest problem. Todd Haley calls games in fits. He started tonight off right. Test the deep ball early and often. But even after it worked, he stopped it. Then when the running game was going well he stopped it. IDK what his problem is, but he needs to figure that shit out. Someone please make him a chart or a graph showing how his play calling sucks at times.
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