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Default Re: OFFICIAL baltimore gamegoat thread. Vent away!

Think what you want about the Steelers. I can say this fact: The Ravens have won at least 4 games by default. Not by beating the other team, but by having them make mistakes.

No way the 2012 Ravens get anyway near the Super Bowl. The Texans, Patriots, etc. will absolutely crush that team. As evidenced previously. And yes, to think Ben would not have had a picnic on that Ravens D is kidding yourself.

Did you see Flacco's stats? The test of a QB is how he does playing the best. So far, he has sucked. If the Ravens win 3 more games I will be shocked. They can't cannot continue winning by default.

Originally Posted by Unkindness View Post
"Waaaaaaaa........without the punt return we win....."

I thought Excuses were tools of the incompetent.

It's a game of inches. Ravens got what they needed and beat the Steelers. Ravens have injuries just as serious as yours.

Get over it. Your season is over. 3 losses in a row to Ravens. You will your next two games to seal the deal.

Ravens are a superior team. Steelers are on the backslide now.
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