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Default Re: OFFICIAL baltimore gamegoat thread. Vent away!

Yeah, I'm not ready to see Haley fired yet. He called a poor game last night, but execution was seriously lacking it wasn't all the play callings fault.

My goats are Tomlin and Leftwich. Poor TO management aside, Leftwich should have been pulled at the half, or at least somewhere in the third. I understand them wanting to start him, that's fine, but he couldn't even make simple passes at times. That's what killed this game.

Just a shitty way to lose a game. It would have been easier to stomach if they'd been blown out. Knowing that it comes down to just a couple simple things just kills me.

I'm with others though in saying that the Ravens are very beatable right now. Were I a fan of theirs, I would be anything but comfortable with this 8-2 record. They were the better overall team last night, but the Steelers fucked up simple shit so much, that that's not really saying much for the Ravens...who could barely eek out a win. (It's like how I didn't really feel all high and mighty about barely beating the Chiefs, with how badly they played.) Steelers definitely have a shot of beating them in their house. Just gotta make a few adjustments.
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