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Default Re: OFFICIAL baltimore gamegoat thread. Vent away!

A couple of things that I would like to ad to all of this second guessing. There have been times when I thought that Tomlin over thought himself and played into to hype of the game.

On the 3and 2 on the Ravens 4 yd line. I thought it was stupid and insane to try that fade route then. You have the 27th ranked defense and Dwyer showed if you put a FB in front of him he can get you 2 or more yds, Get the first down and give your team four more downs.

I don't know why you wouldn't jam it down there throat right there. That gives us the lead.

Also, it became apparent that Byron couldn't get the ball down field. I could only assume that Batch didn't take to many of the reps during the week and they didn't want to chance. I can only hope that was the reason.

The Bigger issue for me is why are these dudes still on the team, there old, often hurt and really aren't worth the time or effort. It seems like they're trying to make Ben feel secure in his job by not drafting another QB or signing a younger backup. What are they thinking?
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