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Default Re: Official Fox News is BS thread

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
You are so screwed in the head if this is how you actually think.

Guess what. I used to be one of those people who needed help. We're not all the depraved boogeymen/women that FoxNews makes you think we are. You sound like a complete judgmental bastard when you say shit like that. I hope you realize, that warped opinions, such as this, is the reason that more and more people have come to despise mainstream Republicans. It's not for any of the reasons you mentioned, trust me. Thanks for helping to make us all look bad.

And yes, you need to get over the loss already. And look in the mirror when you want to find someone to blame for it. The crap you seem to like to spread played a big part in it.
Is it a warped opinion to think we are moving toward Europe, were most countries are going bankrupt.Do you really think I give a crap if the majority of voters, which are the 47 percent and a few more "despise" me and other so called mainstream Republicans. Their vote counted thats obvious, but not much else does. When I go to work every day, take my daughter to school or go to the gym I don't even see these people. I have accepted I am the minority as a Father, husband and someone who actually has a job and contibrutes to society. I don't really get how I am to blame though, since I pay my mortage, heath insurance, taxes and pretty soon I will be paying for other peoples as well.
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