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Default Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

First off, before you guys bite my head off, I just want to say I RESPECT your team and the organization. Our teams are very much built the same way...

I've been reading a lot of articles and posts about how Joe sucks and people call him JOE FLUCKO...lets just go to last night, Joe was pretty on point for the most part but the WRs weren't on the same page, on a few passes Joe threw the ball in one spot and the guy was in a different spot. He ended the game with a 62% completion percentage. On another play that would have been a long TD pass Boldin stopped running late in his route on a ball that was catchable in the endzone. Torrey Smith does this it seems every game...its not that Joe Flacco sucks, its that all 11 guys have to be on the same page.

Joe is the man imo, he's probably the toughest QB in the league and he never misses a game, last year he outplayed Tom Brady, he threw the game winning TD but Lee Evans just didnt secure it and had it knocked out, then the kicker who shall not be named shanked it wide left and thats all she wrote. Some of you act like Joe is trash and will never lead us to the Superbowl when in fact he already has. Yes, I know we actually didnt make it but he led us there, he did everything needed to put us there...well other than throwing the pass running down the field and catching it himself. At times it felt like thats what he needed to do. Since Joe came on board this Ravens/Steelers rivalry has been much more even. I respect you guys and your team and it'd be nice if you'd respect our guys as well but I know how defeat feels and I cant blame you for being angry.

As far as the run game last night you guys blew us up, our OL is poor at run blocking and Rice hasnt been running like himself for whatever reason it wasnt just last night.

Let me remind you, YES we are not playing our best football right now..but neither were the GIants until late last year when they made it as a Wild Card and road that hot streak all the way to the Super bowl, the Packers did something simillar a few years ago its not how you start, you dont want to peak in week 5, its how you finish...Id be perfectly fine struggling but pulling out wins and then hit on all cylinders come playoff time. They say Matt Ryan has ice in his veins but he melts under the pressure of the playoffs. Flacco has no pulse when big games come and there's no QB I'd rather have on my team.

I'm sure we'll be seeing you in the playoffs IF Ben gets healthy and I look forward to seeing you at the BANK in two weeks. Good luck

(sorry, i didnt mean to write a novel)

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