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Default Re: Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

Flacco still sucks. He couldn't create one offensive TD for the Ravens last night. He hasn't led the Ravens to the Super Bowl. Yeah he's been close, but if close counted then Jim Kelly would have a ring or two on his hand. You wouldn't want anyone besides Flacco leading your team? This is where it just gets funny. Toughest qb in the league? Pretty sure that he plays for us.

Yes, Flacco is better than the quarterbacks you had before. But he's not elite and you talk as though he's a lot better than he is. He had fewer passing yards than Leftwich last night. Leftwich at least created a touchdown for our offense. Don't come on here advocating for Flacco when Leftwich matched/outplayed him last night. Flacco has been an inconsistent game-manager throughout his career, nothing more.

I had numerous friends (non-Steelers fans) tell me last night that they couldn't believe how bad Flacco was. I've also told these same friends for the last few years that Flacco is a bum and he's no better than the average QB in this league. Right now, Dalton is threatening to take his spot as second-best QB in the division.
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