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Default Re: Baltimoresun article

Originally Posted by steelerschik View Post
Just because you beat a team once during the season (Pats) means nothing in the post season. You should know that. The Ravens are extremely lucky to be playing Denver at home as opposed to Denver because honestly that's the only way they win that game. Yes at home they're a different team than on the road, but I can't see them beating San Diego and I'm even questioning the Ravens beating the Bengals at this time. There was nothing impressive about the win last night. Not a thing. That old "a win is a win" is a bunch of crap. I didn't feel good after the Steelers "win" over KC, felt more like a loss, which is how I would feel today if I were a Ravens fan.
Yeah, fans should feel real bad about getting a stranglehold on the division. This is why females are supposed to be in the kitchen Thursday when the men are watching the games
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