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Default Re: Official Fox News is BS thread

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
It's not butthurt, it's utter disgust. And yes, you did claim the 47% are all leeches. "They could care less about foreign policy or anyone in the middle class or higher. They care about what they get for free, and bringing down the big man, such as wealthy or powerful. Most probably don't even watch the news, they care more about the lates 50 cent CD and their I phone."...Your EXACT words. Don't act all innocent about it now. Own your statements.

And yes, you are part of the problem. Instead of looking at something logically and rationally, you choose to spew nonsense with nothing but you're own opinion to back it up. You obviously had no clue what demographics make up the so called 47%, and then try as hard as you can to change the subject matter when you're called out on it. All you're doing is helping to divide the nation by buying into the rhetoric of "us vs. them". That's it. You actually just did it again in your statement there by ASSuming that all 50 million people on food stamps will only vote for democrats. Got news for you, that isn't so. And like I said, these are exactly the kind of closed minded opinions that turn people off to the Republican party. I wish like hell the GOP would distance itself from people like you, it's damaging them to hell and back.

Now run along and go tell someone's grandma what a 47%er they are, and how they should start to take responsibility for their own life.
I haven't changed any subject matter. I do think some I repeat some people on welfare or unemployment deserve it, I am not ignorant enough to think that all 50 mill on food stamps voted Obama. But I guarantee the majority did. Its like me saying blacks voted Obama. Of course not all did, but guess what 93 percent or so. That pretty close to all. I realize making me look like a villain and not caring about elderly would help your case but thats not what I think. You can keep saying it but I do think people need assistance, just not supported. Should be temporary.
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