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Default Re: Hines Ward does The Walking Dead

lots of curious questions

They're starting to make this a really small world. Apparently Woodbury, the prison, and the farm are all pretty close together. Did Michonne follow the walkers to the prison - is that the "red zone" Merle was talking about when they were in the woods looking for her?

Maggie getting the rape train?

Merle states to Maggie "If you don't tell me where my brother is well....I can't be held accountable for what will happen next" Maggie says screw you and then Merle walks out of the room shuts the door behind him and all you hear is Maggie screaming.

The Merle nods with a little evil grin as one of the cronies pass by him and goes into the room with the other dude that was already in there. It seems implied, but not shown or said....

I cant wait to see some showdowns. Rick Vs. Governor......Daryle Vs. Merle.......Michone Vs. Andrea maybe?

I have a feeling the gladiator cage match stuff from last week will factor in somehow again....
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