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Default Re: What's up with the Andrew Luck vs RG3 talk?

you can't even turn on a sports analysis show for 5 minutes (on ANY network) without hearing about these 2. It's getting really, really old...especially when you would like to hear talk about the other 50 things going on currently throughout the league.

That said - before the draft - i said to myself "you watch - Russell Wilson - in the long run - is going to be BETTER than both of these guys - i'm sure of it".

He's basically an exact replica in size of Drew Brees - only he's in much better this point in his career he's much more intelligent....and he has a stronger arm. He has ALL the tools - exept for being very tall.
Of those 3 - just as i said well before the draft even happened - i would take Russell Wilson to be my QB for the next 15 years.
Also remember : not only was Luck and Griffin talked up and down about during the draft courting, but so was Weeden and Tannehill. And i still liked Wilson better than any of them.
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