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Default Re: Baltimoresun article

Originally Posted by Terminator View Post
I don't care to. It's immature and stupid.

When I'm on this board, I only want to talk with Steelers fans, and anything having to do with the Steelers. Why these Raven assholes keep coming here to remind us how elite they are is so goddamn annoying. When I want other opinions, I'll go to a general NFL board, which is usually trash and anti-Steelers anyway.
Yes and you want to know general NFL boards are anti Steelers? Look at your comments and threads "Ravens Suck". You fans post on our boards too. It's a game and it's an open forum. We are not here to trash talk. But you invite comments when you are so angry after a loss. Both teams have their problems and I look forward to seeing the Steelers again in 2 weeks. Win or lose, it will be a great game!
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