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Default Re: Baltimoresun article

Originally Posted by Terminator View Post
The current generation of Raven fans have no idea what a Super Bowl game looks like, so they constantly require approval from other teams' fans that they have a "good" team. Same way they practically beg for someone to admit Joe Flacco is elite. It's pathetic.
Think what you will. We require no approval. All of us know Flacco still has a while yet, but he is getting better. Ben is a great quarterback, but you lost last year to us with him. You are the ones who constantly state there is no rivalry between the two teams. When we have been beating you then you get angry and post threads such as "Ravens suck". There is a rivalry regardless if you admit it or want it, and it's fun and very aggressive. I think it makes both teams get better. Your team has always beena hard team to beat, but we have at least came in and been up to the challenge. To be continued... in two weeks..
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