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Default Re: Official Fox News is BS thread

Originally Posted by silver & black View Post
LOL.... this whole thread is why politics suck.

Each side is right, without question . No side wants/is willing to understand where the other is coming from. This is exactly how Congress operates.

Until people actually make an effort to work together and understand the other side, it will just be more of the same..... until there really is no fixing this country. Sadly, I don't see it happening anytime soon.

Goodbye, America.
You know're absolutely right.

And I want to apologize for the way I went off. It's not conducive to the kind of attitude I wish to promote, and in general, I just plain don't like getting pissed off that way.

I DO see your side of the argument cubanstogie. I'm not happy about illegals taking advantage of the system anymore than you are. And having been through the system, you better believe nothing pisses me off more than seeing someone abuse it. It's just a lot of the rhetoric in the past decade or so has shifted to lumping all people into these certain categories, and many people don't seem to want to take the time to realize that these generalizations actually hurt the points their trying to make. I've had people scream at me, with my daughter in tow, when I've used my EBT card, or WIC checks at the checkout. I've seen other people follow people out into the parking lot screaming obscenities at them because they think they are milking the system, when in reality, they are probably just trying to put food on the table. So yes, it's a sore topic for me.

I get tired of hearing people bitch about it, but never look at the reality of it, or rarely ever try to propose realistic solutions to the problem. What I don't think you do, is look at someone in this kind of economy, and tell them it's their fault for being poor, or that they just want to be freeloaders (though I'm sure you're right in saying there are some that feel this way). I just don't think it's as many as you want to claim it is. And it's certainly not the majority of 47%ers who don't pay income taxes.

I see this kind of attitude all over forums and my FB page, and it really is off putting to people. I would just urge you to really think about your overall position on the topic, and try to realize that maybe it's both sides working to divide the nations mentality. I think if you looked hard enough, you might just find more people who are just desperate right now, rather than thinking the majority are people who just want to be lazy and never work. Maybe it's just the area I live in, but the people I come into contact with here are just struggling to get by, and would give anything to be able to fully provide for themselves and their families.

Again, I do apologize for going off the way I did. And thanks for some perspective, silver & black.
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