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Default Re: Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

OP, It's pretty obvious that going from a HOF QB to a bench warmer is about the biggest loss a team can have. Ben's injury is bigger to us then all of our injuries combined, and QB is the ONE position that the "next man up" motto does not apply. IMO we could lose 10 other starters and still have a better chance at winning then with just Ben being out, just as Lewis and Webb being out for your team would be minor compared to if Flacco went out.

Anyway, the arguments have already been made about the injuries and it is what it is, but what I want to know is why would you come on here boasting about Flacco? Your offense scored 6 points last night! Matter of fact, Leftwich who played injured (and isn't that good in the first place) scored more then Flacco. Flacco put your team in position to get ONE FG last night, yet you come here and make a post about how he doesn't suck? Even when we turned it over and Flacco had the short field they still only scored a FG. Maybe in Baltimore the standards are that low, but if Big Ben got a short field twice and was still only able to "put us in position" to get 6 points ALL GAME, we'd be pissed, not bragging.
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