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Default Re: Ed Reed suspended

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
Let me go on the record as first saying that i don't think Reed should be suspended. Way too harsh. We've talked countless times about these plays being "bang-bang", receivers turning their heads at the last minute, etc, etc, etc.

That said - i just watched the "roundtable" on ESPN where they all sided with poor Ed Reed and what a great guy he is, and how he didn't do it on purpose, how the league is out of line, and on and on.
Back up to last year...and the same roundtables were saying that James Harrison really needed to be made an example of, how he's had a history of this (just like Reed does by the way..), and that Harrison is 'borderline' diry.....

Now that p***es me off. I think that neither Reed OR Harrison play dirty. I think thats the way they both hard, play fast...receivers will turn heads, etc.
To sit there and listen to Reed being defended for the exact same thing - while i had to listen to James get chastised by these same crews really makes me angry.
Agreed. Let the damn players play.
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