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Default Re: The official Mike Wallace sucks thread

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
You're (and by you're, I mean everyone else in this thread) is operating under the assumption that Wallace will still command a high market in free agency, or one that will be willing (keep this word in mind) to sign Mikey to a "big" contract. This is a 'what have you done for me lately' driven league, and he hasn't been performing up to his potential all year so far. This can be credited to different things, but teams aren't going to be signing a guy to a 5 year / 65+ million dollar deal when he's not making big plays.

Whether it's warranted or not, there's a lot of criticism of Wallace right now. How many teams out there are going to take a chance and offer a more lucrative deal to Wallace that the Steelers couldn't a) match or b) beat? Sure, we can make jokes about the Raiders or Jets would, but those are teams that need quarterbacks and need defensive playmakers more than a fast wide receiver.

Wallace, Brown and Sanders are the future of this team.

oh yes they will. You can bet your a** and take it to the bank that the foolish-spending-teams such as the Bills, Bengals, Dolphins, etc, etc, etc, etc will STILL pony up the money.
The shrewd and wickedly smart franchises such as the Steelers, Patriots, Packers will be the ones that will likely pass.
Wallace will sign elsewhere.
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