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Exclamation Not Leftwich's Fault

Everyone seem's to be so upset with Leftwich's performance last night. He scored the only touch down we had! He also made a few good throws with two broken ribs. He should have been removed from the game when he was obviously in pain and not able to throw the ball even close to his potential. I do agree we need another option for back-up, I have no confidence in Leftwich or Batch against the browns. Just think If Wallce didnt fumble the ball, if Wallce made more effort to drag his feet on the fade that was well placed, and if Wallace made a little extra effort to catch the ball that was thrown low to him near the end of the game. It's like hes saying "don't wanna pay me? I'm not gonna play 100%" I'm not trying to point fingers be really last night game SHOULD have been won. We really need to beat the browns next week with cinci nipping at our heals.
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