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Default Re: Guys who drink fruity drinks

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth
Okay lets just make sure we are all still acquainted with "MAN LAW"

1) When all and shots
2) When in mixed company... beer and mixed drinks i.e.. Screwdriver..Rum & Coke...
3) When the only Guy with several good-looking women...Beer, Mix Drinks. and sips of whatever they are drinking with the obligatory nod of aggreement as to how good their drink is.
4) When the only Guy with several NOT so good looking women...LOTS of beer and mixed drinks...after several hours...rule 3 WILL apply. Act accordingly
5) When in the company of ONE extremely Hot female...What the hell any of us think is irrelevant and you can drink whatever you want as long as it gets you points.
I think you need to ad don to rule number 1. Irish Car bombs. Jager kind of bomb.
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