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Default Re: Not Leftwich's Fault

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Good points

Maybe they knew Leftwich was f***ed up but not going to die on the field - so live to fight another day with Batch?
Pretty much. It also just occurred to me...if they let Lefty come out and a trainer/doctor looks him over and says he's done, and Batch gets the hammer dropped on him in the game, what then? Now you can't send Lefty back because he isn't cleared, and Batch is down.

Now suppose, instead, you tell Lefty that unless he feels he's in imminent danger of serious irreparable harm, he better act like he's OK to keep going. Now you get Lefty holding his ribs in pain every time he moves, but steers clear of the trainers on the sideline. When that reporter comes trotting over at the half and asks if he's in pain, he jerks upright and yells "I'M OK!".

Same kind of deal the Browns pulled on Colt McCoy. They swear they didn't know he was concussed...because they kept him away from the trainers and scraped him up off the bench and sent him back out.
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