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Default Re: Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

Ravens fan here. I tend to agree with most of the Steelers fans here on the issue of whether a QB is more important than the other positions, to the point where you really can't compare the injury situations between the two teams. The Steelers were in worse shape coming into this game.

That said, I disagree with some of the Steelers fans that seem to think this was a slam-dunk win if Ben is playing healthy. A lot of decisions get made during the course of a game and you can't just sit back at the end and say "well, we'd have scored at least 4 more points and that is one more than the Ravens." It is probably true you'd have scored more, but as a consequence of the Steelers having more points on the board, the Ravens in turn would change their play calling and decision making. I think most informed posters probably recognize this but for the others I think it does merit a rebuttal. I think it was pretty clear the Ravens were playing things very close to the vest last night, playing a field position game, trying not to turn the ball over and hoping they could clamp down on D. Not pretty, not inspiring, not anything to write home about, but a reasoned approach for winning a tough road game against a team with their 2nd string QB.

Basically, for me this is one of those games where I try not to read anything into it as far as the respective balance of power between the teams goes, mainly because of the injury situation. Playing the Steelers without Ben doesn't tell you much. Just count your blessings you caught them at the right time and leave it at that.

In short - no, we didn't beat the "real Steelers" but hey - we didn't play them.
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