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Default Re: Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

Originally Posted by jsteleplayer View Post
Ravens fan here. Occasionally stop by and btw i have mad respect for your orginization. Just wanted to point out that while i agree qb is far and away the worst position to have your starter out, we were actually without lewis, webb, jimmy smith another corner, 2 defensive lineman who are key in spelling ngata, and ngata and suggs are definitely not healthy. And our best tight end went out in first quarter as did redman i believe. What i am trying to say is i honestly think the injury situation was pretty equal. Lets face it both teams lookd BAD! On another note i have always put flacco somewhere between 8 and 15 as far as best qbs in league and is definitely not as tough as ben. But he is who we got and he does ok for us. With rice, torrey and boldin and our defense (just not this year) its usually enough. One other thing Flacco is WAY better at home and we score almost exactly twice as many points at home. That being said see you guys in two weeks!
I'm not making excuses about the outcome of the game, but if you think our injury situation was 'equal', you are delusional. We are without Ben, antonio brown, Troy, and if you want to count players who are 'not 100% yet', you can also add harrison and mendenhall to that list.

we both have our share of injuries, and the ravens injury situation is a bad one, but at least you have your top QB, RB, and WR. we have 1 out of 3 and he's coming off an achilles injury and ACL tear. Troy not playing decreases the amount of turnovers we typically get from our defense, and harrison's running at about 50%

Anyway, see you guys again in two weeks :)
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