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Default Re: You hear this, Ray Rice?

Originally Posted by austinfrench76 View Post
This ALL seems very cocky for a team that hasn't won a SB in a decade and were shut down almost completely by our D. Where's the cockiness coming from?? They didn't look good at all. I guess we'll see in 2 weeks...
Undisciplined teams don't win championships, and that's what the Ravens are. They are disciplined in the way that they don't commit penalties, the defense holds containment, etc. but they are undisciplined in the big picture. They seem to set all these other goals instead of having the goal of winning the SB. The Steelers defense owned the Ravens offense last night. I'm not going to even make the injury excuse, because it's not even necessary here, the bottom line is even though we lost Rice and his offense have absolutely nothing to be proud of. Only scoring six points all game when given a short field on multiple occasions is something that should make him reach for a paper bag not a towel. Congratulations Ray Rice, you and Flacco were outscored by a 3rd string injured backup QB but got a ST play and squeaked by, now go take your Gatorade baths and prepare for your next SB in two weeks.
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