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Default Re: You hear this, Ray Rice?

Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
“Renegade? Perfect,” Fox wrote. “What the Ravens did to the Steelers on Sunday … was part vengeance, part message: We're not going anywhere. You're getting older. Now is our time."

Read that in that article. Are you kidding me? Getting held to 6 points offensively, rushing for 40yds on 20 carries, and throwing for a buck fifty passing is establishing dominance and showing us it's your time? Ravens fans are delusional, completely and utterly delusional.
As are the talking heads of course. Last night when my husband and son were watching that debacle MNF game, did anyone listen to Chris Berman talk about the good defenses in the NFL? Yeah, he added the Ravens holding the Steelers to 10 mention of the Steelers whatsoever. Wait, the Steelers D held the Ravens to 6 points, and the Ravens are the better D holding the Steelers WITH BYRON FREAKIN LEFTWICH to 10???? WTF am I missing? And Harbitch with his "the tougher team won" is such an egotistical ass that I just want nothing but complete and utter failure for him, but since he gets that every single year with never getting to the SB I guess I'm getting my wish there.

Every year the Ravens are overrated, but this year they're probably more overrated than ever. Bunch of thug wannabes and coached to be that way.
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