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Default Re: You hear this, Ray Rice?

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
I firmly believe without all the injuries to so many key players on the Steelers i.e. Brown, Ben, and Troy we win this game against the Ravens. Yea I know they were missing an over the hill Ray Lewis and a quality member of the secondary in Webb, but that pales in comparison to your franchise QB being out.. With that being said, they got the job done we did not. At the end of the season when the records are compared this game will count as a loss and could very well decide our playoff fate. I hate the Ravens, but teams do win ugly, hell, we have made a living out of winning ugly for years. We play down to teams like KC, we get up for most big games and rarely ever get blown out and even more rarely do we blow anyone out. Let the Ravens have their mid season Superbowl, we need to find a way to eke out enough wins to make the playoffs and try to get healthy, then see how we fair against this so-called tougher team.
I got to agree with you here. Let them have there time in the sun. Anyone who watched that game can see; these guys aren't that good. You can say the same for us. But what saddens me the most is the inability of the coaches to see that Leftwich couldn't throw the ball. Honestly; anyone else in there; we win this game. We need to find ways to win games without Ben. Let's hope he is back soon for the rematch!!
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