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Default Re: Baltimoresun article

Originally Posted by steelerschik View Post
It's only been a few years since a SB appearance and no one said this is the same team. Everyone knows it isn't the same team, but neither are the Ravens. There are issues with both teams. But damn, every time they beat the Steelers (an earth shattering 3 times now), the fans act like "we own you, we're the division kings, bow down". Bull.

Ok, so they came here and didn't lose. There's your acknowledgement. That doesn't mean I was impressed with the win, that doesn't mean I was impressed with the Ravens in general. This Ravens team isn't the same as last year. The defense isn't good. The offense isn't great and Joe is bipolar. But they didn't lose last night, so there's your kudos. I don't know what more the Ravens fans want. Seriously. It wasn't a good game by either team and neither team have a whole lot to be proud of. It's just what it is, it was a nonloss for the Ravens. Congrats.
That is well put and I agree with you. I hope both our teams improve. On to next weekends game. We both need to win next week. You with the browns and us with the chargers. Good luck.

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