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Default Re: Ed Reed suspended

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
The national media's reaction to this is really pissing me off. No, I don't agree it should have been a suspension, but everyone on ESPN is absolutely crying over him and talking about how much of a saint Reed is and how BS the suspension is. Guarantee if this were a Steeler you wouldn't hear a peep of disapproval for the punishment.

This. Overall, I'm not in favor of the suspension either, but I'm also not in favor of the selective nut hugging from the media and fans.

Steelers fans, probably more than most other teams fans, get it...he shouldn't have been suspended. A lot of guys shouldn't have been suspended. We just don't feel sorry for him or the fans, at all. When these suspensions started being handed out more and more, so much of the media and other teams fans jumped on the "Steelerz r diiirrrttyy" bandwagon. So yeah, a lot of us are going to have a bit of trouble feeling sorry for him.
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