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Hardly even had the college career of a Jerrod Johnson who at least looked pretty good in the pre-season and knows Hailey's offense. Speaking of knowing Hailey's offense there is Tyler Palko. The Steelers have to think in terms of a guy that can play if and when Batch is hurt. Hoyer would have been good as a guy signed sept 1st, what can he possibly do now? Unless Ben is planning on being back after Cleveland this movie is questionable for the here and now.

Also the team should not cut a valuable younger player to keep Leftwich. Lefty is history as a QB in this league. 0-7 his last 7 starts.

outside info:
Opinions on Hoyer are varied. Mike Lombardi of, who has worked in teams' front offices before, famously said last year that if he we were with a team he would have chased Hoyer over then-Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb via a trade.

I do not see Hoyer as a player with the “it” factor as an NFL starting quarterback. He has progressed well in the Patriots system over his four years since signing as an undrafted free agent in 2009, but that still of course has not raised his ability and talent levels.


Despite less than impressive statistics as a senior (51 percent completion rate, nine touchdowns and nine interceptions), Hoyer ranks as one of the more intriguing senior quarterbacks prospects due to his combination of size, arm-strength and accuracy. With so many college offenses predicated on the spread attack, some scouts are especially willing to give Hoyer a bit of a break with regards to his senior year statistics because of the Spartans' run-first offense and his receivers' propensity to drop passes.

nfl draft report

Positives: At least adequate height and bulk for the position. Efficient game-manager. Reads defenses well and checks down quickly. Efficient setup and delivery. Good footwork. Over the top release. Throws the ball with enough zip to make every NFL throw. Good overall accuracy, especially in the short to intermediate areas. Can step up in the pocket to avoid the pass rush. Keeps his eyes downfield. Delivers a catchable ball that allows his receivers to make yardage after the catch. Stood out at the East-West Shrine Game practices as the group's best and most consistent passer.

Negatives: Wildly inconsistent. Doesn't sense the pocket collapsing and will take the big hit. Has struggled with locking onto his primary receiver at times. Blessed with an NFL-caliber receiver and tight end in 2007 and struggled in 2008 without them. Has enough tools to consider late, but isn't special in terms of arm strength, size or accuracy. Struggled a bit in both of his bowl game starts, finishing with two touchdowns to five interceptions in a pair of losses.

more on him at wiki
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