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Default Re: It is a simple arithmetic…stupid.

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
I've read this over three times now, and i'm still coming to the same conclusion: It isn't Mike's math that's at fault here, and I mean that in the most respectful way possible.
I have been a reader of this forum for some time. This topic has me pissed so I thought I would share some additional thought.

The OP of this thread is correct that Tomlin should not have called a time-out at 2:04 and here is why and it is not because of simple math.

With the ravens facing a 3rd and 6 (obvious passing down) letting the clock run to 2:00 is the correct play. Now the Ravens are faced with a tough decision. Whether to run and conceded getting a first down or pass and risk an incompletion which leaves an extra 40 seconds on the clock. The saving of the 4 seconds is not worth it for the Steelers.

What actually happened in the game was the worse possible situation because of the offsides. It cost the Steelers about 40 seconds and it could have been the difference in the game. Personally, I think allowing the ravens to pass for the first down with no penalty of an incomplete pass (stopping the clock) is not worth the 4 seconds saved.
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