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Default Re: Ed Reed suspended

The issue with the media is the fact that Harrison was the victim on the Steelers team and Reed on the Ravens. Regardless of their hits, and the reason for suspension, Harrison did absolutely nothing before, during, or after to help his cause. Releasing sound bites saying he hits to hurt, is ready to quit if he can't hit like he wants, shows disrespect to Goodell, etc. It put him in the villian category before he even got suspended. Plus the hits he put on guys were much more visually vicious than the hits Reed has dealt. Not saying one is worse than the other, but the McCoy hit and the hit on Sunday night are not even in the same zip code. McCoy's was a snot bubbling shot while last night was a "oh yeah, he got him in the head. That's gonna be 15".

Ed Reed is a pretty quiet player and doesn't try to play up his "I'm gonna hit you so hard you're gonna forget your name image". That is why he is a more sympathetic figure in this story. Regardless, I think it is BS to be able to suspend a guy for 3 hits in 3 years. Seems like the long arm of the law is reaching pretty far, and if we start keeping that kind of score, there are going to be a lot of defensive players in jeans and a sweatshirt instead of pads on Sundays.
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