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Default Re: It's official. Steelers have signed Brian Hoyer for QB and Plaxico Burress for WR

Originally Posted by MDSteel15 View Post
I know it's a mute point but why Hoyer??? I would have gone with any of these:

David Garrard - experience
Dennis Dixon - knows the team
Jerrod Johnson - should at least be on our practice squad!
Kevin O'Connell -
Chris Redman - Always liked him
Seneca Wallace - see Garrard but more mobile....

Especially Jerrod Johnson!
The reason they didn't sign Johnson (in my opinion) is that they need someone experienced if Batch gets injured. In general, when your franchise QB gets injured, you want somebody who's been there before. This precludes O'Connell as well.

My other best explanations are

Garrard: Injury issues. Also he's not really someone you bring in to be a back-up, he's been a starter for almost all of his career. He probably has a higher salary also.

Dixon: He flatly turned the Steelers down.

Redman: Also possible salary issues. In addition, I don't know if you want a 35 year old backing up your 37 year old.

Wallace: More salary issues. Also is a bit of a 'gadget' QB and wouldn't be a very steady hand.

I would say Hoyer gives you lots of experience (particularly at the backup position) at a fairly lower price. His performance in the times he has played has been pretty superb as well.
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