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Default Re: Who should be the #1 RB?

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
Yea, except he isn't doing that either. Remember when we needed a single 1st down to put the game away against KC? Dwyer got put flat on his ass a yard short on 3rd down by a corenerback. That isn't clutch running, sorry. And where was he in the Ravens game?

And a 50/50 split on carries excuses him only getting 28 yards on the shitty Jets? Seriously? In his last 2 years as a starter Mendenhall has never had more than a 2 game streak as a starter without scoring a TD, and all that was with Bruce Arians running the circus. Dwyer has been here for years and has yet to sniff an endzone, and that's with having an actual fullback paving roads for him in his starts..
You can't blame.Dwyer for the Raven game. When Tomlin DID call his number he produced. 4.6yac against Baltimore isn't nuthin to sneeze at, just that he only.carried it like 15 times.
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