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Default Re: You hear this, Ray Rice?

Originally Posted by BleedPurple View Post
lol your pillar of dominance is shrinking fast. When I first started browsing this forum the claim was "Joe has never beaten the Steelers", then it was "Ravens have never beaten the steelers with Big ben", then it was "Ravens have never beaten the steelers with big ben at heinz field", then it was "We don't even care, you won't win the division anyway", then it was "who cares about regular season, poozztt seeezun six rings".

I am perfectly happy chipping away at any semblance of superiority you are desperately clinging to. When we beat you in the post season, I am sure you will start complaining we will never beat you in the superbowl! lol.

I am waiting for "yea, you may have beaten us 26 times in a row, but you have not beaten us, um, in a hailstorm, on a wednesday, in the playoffs, at heinz field, with big ben, during a solar eclipse, in the divisional round. . . scrubs"

IF you make the playoffs, and IF you get deep enough to play us, we will be happy to send you packing this year and take one more chip off.
Oh please...Ray Ray is on his way out, he's done, you have one good receiver, your oline is weak sauce, your Running back is the only stud on your team, your QB is pedestrian at best and your secondary is basic without Reed back there being the man. The Steelers aren't going anywhere.

Basic Fact

AFC North Winners, last 10 years:

Ravens - 2011
Steelers -2010
Cincy - 2009
Steelers - 2008
Steelers - 2007
Ravens - 2006
Cincy -2005
Steelers - 2004
Ravens - 2003
Steelers 2002

So that's 10 years. Steelers won it 5 times, Ravens 3, Bengals 2. Congrats, you're one season better than the Bengals. Good job. Congrats on that. I'd go further back, but that would mean I'd have to include the Browns, which means I'd have to go all the way back to 1989, the last time the Browns won it.

The Steelers, historically, own the AFC North/Central. Sure once in a while, the Ravens or Bengals piggy back which year they will take a shot at it, but we always get it back.
SuperBowl Wins - How many does YOUR team have?
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