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Default Steelers Organization = CLASS

From most of the threads started on here you would think the we are Bengal Nation! According to some of you experts, our front office people are dunces, the head coach should be fired, and the players are half-assing it. Not to mention that our trainers are terrible because we're the only team with injuries. It would be comical if it wasn't sad.

We are Steeler Nation and our organization (which I have been following since 1973 in the 3rd grade) is a class act. We have great ownership, FO, coach and players. The NFL is very competitive and no team has an unfair advantage. To accomplish what we have over the years, including recent history is a model of success that only New England gets compared with and we know that they are CHEATERS.

I'm not saying that everything we do is perfect and that the coaches always make the right call, but some of you just got off the short bus with your comments.

I see this this making a run this year.
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