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Default Re: Reed Suspended for Sanders Hit

The NFL is playing with FIREEEEEEEEEEEE.......

Let me get one thing straight : i don't think Reed should have been suspended. Hell, i don't even think he should have been fined, as well as many other players, including ours, over the last couple of years.
But one think is crystal CLEAR. They're picking and choosing who and how much the fines are.
50K? There's been players who haven't had the penalties Reed's previously had who have been fined 75K. And Harrison? He would have been fined minimum 100K - possibly a great deal more - even for an innocent, not-on-purpose, hit.

Before too long, attorney's are going to get involved much more deeply in this mess.
They're fining one guy this amount, and the next guy that amount, and old men in suits in the office are dictating "how hard the hit was or if it was intentional or not" when they have no
You HAVE to have a standard. ONE standard. Not multiple standards.
Personal money/income is now at in the future i look for this to get really messy and dirty. The players attorney's will be getting game tape out showing other guys with the same amount of "hits" who didn't get fined...or were fined less...or etc, etc, etc, etc.......
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