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Default Re: You hear this, Ray Rice?

I just got done reading and watching the videos posting in the beginning of this post and all I have to say is this...disgraceful!

I never liked the Ravens or their fans but this just confirms the truth we already knew about them...pure trash. Yes they have some talent but they have no class! They got lucky...let's face it. They only times they have beaten us is when our key players are out on injury.

We have had a tough schedule this year and we are only 2 games under Baltimore. That's not bad at all considering it's been our second and third strings in. Steelers have been getting better and better. The season is not over yet and we are still in it. We can still close the gap and go the the SB but we need to buckle down.

We held the Ravens at bay but lost with penalties (thanks for nothing Wallace!) and a turn over. But our defense made lunch meat out of the Ravens offense. So let's be real. We are still a strong team and can still pull it off if they play smart football.

Put glue on Wallace's hands and we can actually complete plays.

For now look at the big picture...Ravens barely held on to our 2nd and 3rd strings. Imagine once we get our key players back...soooooo long Baltimore....hellooooooo SuperBowl!

To Ray Rice, Ed Reed and disgust me and I hope Pittsburgh crushes you just to shut you up you no class gutter rats!
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